The Campus

A magnificent historical complex in the heart of the ethernal city

In a magnificent historical complex, the Manor of San Pio V, immersed in a wonderful park located in the centre of Rome, right next door to the Vatican City. You will have the opportunity to enjoy studying in a university with a highly innovative imprint and at the same time in an atmosphere of rare beauty, steeped in history and ancient conquests. This will enhance the development of competences in order to deal with employment in an ever rapidly changing world.


The Manor of San Pio V

Architect Giovanni Lippi, known as Nanni di Baccio Bigio (… – Rome, 1568)

The manor was built on the order of Pope Pius V (Antonio Ghislieri) back in the XVI century • Summer residence of the Pope until 1655 • Chigi family’s ownership • In 1870, the Manor becomes property of Queen Margherita of Savoy who donated it to be used as a hospice for blind people • The Manor becomes Sant’Alessio Regional Centre – Margherita di Savoia per i Ciechi • Since 2016, the Manor has become the seat of Link Campus University.

Most of the classes are held in the Manor, within the Romagnoli building. All the classrooms are well-equipped and limited in size to receive 25 students so as to encourage direct dialogue between professors and students. Furthermore, the particular room layout enables teachers to apply a teaching methodology combining frontal lessons, simulations and lab activities with the use of PC to create a learning experience based on a close collaboration among students as well as between professors and students.

The Gymnasium hosts major events and seminars and has a capacity of 250 seats.

The study room is located inside Casale San Pio V. It provides a computer sharing service and is one of the students’ meeting points.

The entrance of Via del Casale di San Pio V leads to the secret garden, characterised by the symmetric line of the box hedges. Through the bossage front door one accesses the courtyard which has a central well.

Immersed in the green is the main students’ meeting point at all times of the day.

The ideal place to meet, study and enjoy a light lunch.

A cosy place to meet our advisors who will help you get to know the University, the training programmes and all the services offered with interactive spaces to be connected at all times.
There are several places in the Manor where you can choose to study, both indoors and outdoors. Link Campus University is open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm so as to allow you to fully enjoy the experience of university life. Outdoor spaces are sometimes also used for teaching, thus adopting the Open Space Learning method. Everywhere in the Campus students can use the WiFi Internet connection; in addition, a Computer Sharing service is available.