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Requirements: Bachelor of Art Degree or equivalent
Attendance: online
Duration: 100 hours; 3 additional modules of 30 hours each
Starts: February 2019
Language: English

Tuition Fee: EUR 2,900; each additional module – EUR 1,000
Pre-regestration Fee: EUR 1,000 (for non-EU students); EUR 500 (for EU students)

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: nowadays these terminologies are more and more common terms. Thanks to the succession of news on new scenarios that digital coins and – above all – the so-called “Blockchain”, are projected in the near future, where ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Smart Contract and start-ups linked to Fintech will dominate the labour market.

However, there is a lack of experts in this technology, destined to have a profound impact on various aspects of our daily life, especially the financial one, but without excluding medical and productive ones. In order to fill this gap, Consulcesi Tech, a hi-tech company specialised in cutting-edge solutions linked to Blockchain, in collaboration with the Link Campus University of Rome, created an MBA in Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies. This is the first post-graduate course on this subject in the European Union that provides for the payment using also the new supports of digital coins, now widespread as a tool for financial regulation.

Based on an interdisciplinary approach, the lessons of the course start from a general macroeconomic perspective and then deepen the development potentials of the blockchain in various sectors. In particular, the second part of the course will focus on the technical aspects of the Blockchain and on the planning of smart contracts. The specialized modules are: Medical, Programming and Smart Contracts, and Fintech.


The Programme Overview

MBA in Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies – 100 hours Basics

  • Basics in fruition of Blockchains and cryptocurrencies;
  • Introduction to the basics of maths Blockchain concept;
  • Economical and functional Taxonomy use of Blockchain;
  • Legal and Fiscal treatment of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts compared;
  • Statistical analysis on crypto exchanges both centralised and DEX;
  • Management of communication and Marketing in ICO processes;
  • Other aspects of juridical and legal compartments will be faced through testified experiences by professional operators from the international market;


Accredited Teachers are: Professor Vespri, Professor Antonio Maria Rinaldi, Professor Fabio Lugano.


MBA in Blockchain and Economics of Cryptocurrencies – 30 hours specialized modules


  • Introduction and management of data and tracking technologies;
  • Problem solving in management with blockchain and tracking technologies of medical supports;


  • Programming and smart contracts management applied through:
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Blockchain


  • Payment methods and financial solutions applied throughout Blockchains.

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