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The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication trains students with particular reference to three sectors: design of interactive systems, transmedia storytelling for the audience’s involvement, strategies and techniques of communication through the social media. The student acquires specific competences for the understanding of the new paradigms and digital communication’s languages, for the definition and development of new entertainment contents and formats, for the planning of multimedia digital products, services and contents and for the acquisition of the useful tools for the management of new entrepreneurial products, among which the innovative start-ups. The Master’s Degree is the continuation of the training path started with the first-level degree and is aimed at training communication professionals in the new sectors of digital entrepreneurship, in particular service design, digital fabrication, videogame & gamification, currently very prolific in terms of employment, both in Italy and abroad.




The students will acquire the following skills:

  • Understanding of the digital communication’s paradigms and languages;
  • Definition and processing of new contents and formats destined to the entertainment’s sector;
  • Designing of digital and multimedia products, services and contents;
  • Market’s and digital economics’ trends analysis
  • New entrepreneurial projects’ management and processing of business modules.

The Digital Communication Bachelor of Arts Program offers to all students many professional outlooks:

  • Communication and marketing consultants for private and state entities;
  • Contents’ editors and authors within the audio visual, multimedia and trans-media productions;
  • Entrepreneurs in the fields of communication, culture and creativity;
  • Products’ designers and interactive services;
  • Professional figures within the field of digital communication. For example, Social Media Manager and SEO and SEM experts.

Communication & Innovation

Study Plan of the Course

Sociology of communication, 6 CFU
Digital Content Processing, 12 CFU
Multimedia Performance Art, 6 CFU
History of Communications & Media, 6 CFU
Info & Art-tainment & Digital Storytelling, 9 CFU
Sound Design, 9 CFU
Semiotics & Visual Communication, 6 CFU
Theory & Techniques of Language, 6 CFU


Info & Art-tainment II & Transmedia Storytelling, 7 CFU
Start-up and Business models, 6 CFU
Theory and techniques of digital media, 10 CFU
Digital entertainment, 12 CFU
Public Speaking, 9 CFU
Cognitive Psychology, 9 CFU
Anthropology of Communication, 6 CFU


Internet Studies e Social Media Management, 6 CFU
Design content and service for digital media, 6 CFU
Digital marketing strategies, 6 CFU
Creative writing for the media, 6 CFU
Theory and techniques of digital media II, 7 CFU
Elective Modules, 12 CFU
Other Language skills, 6 CFU
Skills, 3 CFU
Work Experience, 4 CFU
Dissertation, 5 CFU

Total CFU 180

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The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication, majoring in Gaming, shapes professional figures able to work in the games industry at international level, allowing them to become specialised in different areas of the sector, including both the design and development and communication and marketing.

Students acquire specific competences related to the creation of videogame products, as well as to the ability of properly placing them within an ever-changing market.

The course is carried out in collaboration with Vigamus, the only Museum of Videogames in Italy.

LAB: Methodologies of videogaming communication
LAB: Game development tools and techniques
LAB: Fundamentals of Art Direction
LAB: Communication in the era of global entertainment industry
LAB: Fundamentals of Game Design I
LAB: Sound design and audio post-production
LAB: Game Art & Technology
LAB: Game Journalism

LAB: Fundamentals of Game Design II
LAB: Fundamentals of the game industry economics
LAB: Interactive script
LAB: Design and planning of videogaming products
LAB: Localisation of multimedia and interactive works
LAB: Cognitive ergonomics
LAB: Homo ludens: play in the human behaviour

LAB: Internet, social and global communication media strategies
LAB: Game industry management: marketing and publishing strategies
LAB: Game marketing
LAB: Creative Direction
LAB: Game development tools and techniques II

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