Career Service

The Link Campus University Career Service is the integrated system of services directed at students of all courses and at national and international companies. The system aims to bring the world of higher education and the world of work closer together, through constant support in the development of employability and of training and professional careers.

The Career Service promotes, in accordance with the national and regional regulations currently in force, the activation of curricular and extracurricular internships in Italy and abroad.

Specifically, the types of internships that can be activated are:

  • Curricular
  • Extracurricular
  • Curricular and extracurricular carried out abroad
  • Transnational carried out in the context of specific EU or global programs (CRUI, MAE, Erasmus +)

Internships: a chance to grow and experience first-hand the world of work

The internship experience is an important opportunity that contributes to each individual’s academic journey. Thanks to the internship experience, students have the chance to consolidate what they have learned in class, approach the labour market, test their own abilities and professional choices, acquire a certified practical experience, and enrich their CV.
Over the years, LCU has strengthened its relations with a range of firms, confederations of public and private, Italian and foreign enterprises, agencies, and associations who host its students in internship positions and foster job placements at the end of the study path.

The stages of selecting and applying for internships are:

  • Counselling and motivational interview
  • Collective coaching seminars
  • Individual coaching meetings
  • Interviews with head-hunters agreed upon with the University